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April 3, 2013: What Does It Matter?

April 3, 2013

I’m getting better at the pronouns. When talking to people where I need to mention that I’m married (I spoke with a health insurance broker on the phone this morning, for example) I now use “she” and “her” when referring to Mara. I used to use the male pronouns when talking to people who didn’t know us or to people I knew but who didn’t know about Mara. I figured, they don’t know, so why even mention it? What does it matter? It does.

A couple of weeks ago, when talking to a colleague, I came out to her. So now, when I talk about the two of us (Mara and me), I don’t have to explain anything. My colleague knows. And I’m proud to be married to Mara, so when I’m talking to customer service people or other people I don’t know personally, I use the correct pronouns. No need to explain the situation. What does it matter? It doesn’t.


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