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April 1, 2013: April Fooling Myself

April 2, 2013

Last week, I had concerns that some of my nieces and nephews and their children might change their minds about accepting my relationship with Mara. Turns out I was April Fooling myself, because my concerns were blown out of the water this past weekend:

One niece forwarded me a Groupon from my favorite frozen yogurt shop, with a note saying she thought of me and “Aunt Mara” when she saw it. Another niece took the time to visit us on Easter Sunday yesterday, with her daughter. (Mara was not invited to our family Easter gathering, so she and I made dinner for her sister and brother-in-law. My niece and her daughter came to see us earlier in the day, before joining the rest of the family.) I also spoke with one of my nephews on the phone yesterday and with another nephew’s wife on Friday.

So my concerns stemmed from taking my past — particularly the more recent past, with some family members letting me know they think I’m making a big mistake by staying with Mara — and putting it into my future, where I could see it coming at me. And, as I sometimes tend to do, I amplified and multiplied that imagery. It took those communications with my nieces and nephews to show me that the past belongs in the past.

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