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March 18, 2013: ‘Ain’t Necessarily So’

March 19, 2013

Mara and I were in a training about communication all weekend. I finally felt some sort of change that lifted the attachment I have about some of my close relatives getting it that I’m happy with Mara. It’s not that I’ve found a way to convince them. It’s that I’m not attached to convincing them. Frankly, I don’t think they ever will get it. I’ve let it go, like I let go of wanting them to accept her months ago.

The result is that I feel much freer, like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. And I know that I can talk to them without fear that they will insult me, put Mara down or even yell at me. They may do any or all of those things if Mara’s name comes up in a conversation, but I really got it that they would just be stating their points of view. That’s all. And they’re entitled to them. But their points of view are just that. They “ain’t necessarily so,” as the song goes.

One more thing: During the training, Mara shared some thoughts about our relationship that had to do with her being transsexual, and I stood up and shared too. We got another standing O.


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