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March 15, 2013: Easter Equivocation

March 16, 2013

Yesterday, I spoke on the phone with a family member, who invited me to join her and other family members for Easter dinner in about two weeks. This family member had told me previously that Mara is not welcome in her house. Being the non-confrontational peace-keeper that I am, I just beat around the bush and said something like I might have other plans. I equivocated. Dammit! I had resolved not to do that. The real reason I won’t join them is that, just like most people who are married, I would like to spend the holiday with Mara. Two of my siblings are invited, along with their spouses; and I’m sure that they wouldn’t go if they were told that their spouses are not welcome.

I had an idea: to invite them all to our house for Easter. But I’m concerned that, even if they came, it would be an awkward situation. That’s not how holidays should be, at least not to me. Mara and I will have our holiday, maybe invite some friends for dinner.

I really don’t mind that we won’t be spending Easter with my family; we don’t celebrate it as much as we do Thanksgiving and Christmas. What I mind is that they invite me and snub Mara. And, since they think Mara controls me, they probably believe she is keeping me from going there For Easter.

I resolve that, the next time I speak with someone about Easter with the family (and I probably will, since I left it up in the air), I will decline the invitation and tell them the real reason. I won’t whine or complain, I’ll just state the facts.


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