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March 12, 2013: Business as Usual

March 13, 2013

Mara just got her annual raise, and the building for which she was project architect was named Project of the Year for the company — the whole company, which has offices worldwide, not just the L.A. office. Moreover, Mara and her colleagues who worked on that project were honored at a business reception, which included several types of businesses in L.A. And this past Saturday, her boss, who plays jazz on stand-up base, had her over to rehearse some songs; he still wants to gig with her.

Looking at all of this from the transwife perspective, I am so moved by the tolerance I’m seeing at Mara’s workplace. I know it would be a whole different story in a state that doesn’t have laws protecting transgender employees. And the pressure is off me to try and make more money (although I would like to) because of workplace discrimination, since there is none in our case. I truly believe that there will come a time when discrimination at work will be a thing of the past for all trans people.


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