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March 7, 2013: That’s Entertainment

March 8, 2013

The show I produced, “Laughing Matters: The Absurdity of Intolerance,” was last night. Wow. Everything went so well, so smoothly. That was a result of good planning and people taking the ball and running with it. Everyone in the show, both onstage and behind the scenes, just did what they said they would do and did it well. I did a lot of planning, but when it came to showtime, I hardly had to do anything.

The talent was amazing, and the audience loved it. Best of all, they got the message — the absurdity of intolerance — without being subjected to a depressing, morose show. Yes, intolerance can be depressing. But we got the message across with laughter.

I took away a lot of things from the show: that I have something to say, that I matter, that I’m proud to be married to Mara and a stand for diversity and tolerance. I also got that I really want to perform again. I’ve done stand-up, acting and singing. I don’t care about making a career of it at this point. That’s so rare. I just love doing it. I even have ideas for my next stand-up routine: Mara. She is even encouraging me, and I already have my first joke: Mara went from being male to being female, and she can still parallel park.

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