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Feb. 28, 2013: The Crux of the Story

March 1, 2013

A friend of ours who is editor of a start-up, online, general interest magazine interviewed us last Saturday for a story. The story is supposed to be about the show I’m producing (, but we talked quite a bit about how I came up with the idea: my background with Mara, our relationship today, etc. And our friend is including some of that background in the story. That information really does have a lot to do with the show, because the show is the product of my stand for diversity and tolerance, which was motivated by my relationship with Mara.

On another note, our friend did some of her own research to understand the transgender world, and she’s really taking in interest. She has forwarded links to two news articles to us: One was about a grade school male-to-female transgender whose school won’t let her use the girl’s bathroom (our friend had no idea that kids that young felt the effects of being transgender). Sad story, but the girl’s parents are taking the case to court, so maybe we’ll see some progress. The other is about a female-to-male trans person in college, who is pledging a fraternity. The school’s insurance company denied his request to cover his breast removal surgery ($8,000), so his frat brothers banded together and raised $16,000, half of which will go toward his surgery and the other half of which will help others in the same or similar position. How cool is that!?

Anyway, I’m so glad that there are people like our friend, who take the time to educate themselves on transgender issues. And my hope is that others will do the same, because it’s ignorance of these issues and the medical evidence that this is a condition, not a choice that some people make on a whim, that creates an environment of fear, which leads to discrimination, hostility and even violence.

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