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Jan. 30, 2013: What’s So Funny?

January 30, 2013

I haven’t mentioned this before (mostly because I’ve been wallowing in self-doubt), but I’m producing a comedy/variety show that celebrates diversity and pokes fun at intolerance. I was doubting myself because I’ve been such an isolator, and I was afraid of putting myself out there and asking people to be involved. I doubted my leadership abilities. But, through networking (getting out there), the show will go on. I have people working on publicity and the design of printed material. I have a venue that provided a discount, since this is a fundraiser. And I have some good performers, including several stand-up comedians who have performed at major clubs in L.A. and two who have been on late-night talk shows.

My motivation for creating this show comes from the fact that, as a transwife, I see the prejudice and intolerance that still exist, even in a progressive city like L.A. Don’t get me wrong — our society has come a long way in terms of diversity. Just look at the last presidential election: It was a perfect example of how diverse we are as a country. And more states have ratified laws that allow same-sex marriage.

Notwithstanding my motivation and the fact that the show is raising funds for a gay/lesbian nonprofit, the show will address all types of diversity, not just sexual orientation and gender identity. It will address economic, racial, ethnic and religious diversity as well. I’ll post more about the show as it gets closer to the March 6 performance date.


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