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Jan. 20, 2013: Credit Where Credit is Due

January 20, 2013

We are in the midst of changing Mara’s name on our financial documents, and most of them have pretty easy processes: just send or fax the request, along with copies of the appropriate documentation. But it was so hard to reach the credit bureaus in order to do this. Currently, the credit bureaus don’t have a report on her; as far as they’re concerned, she doesn’t exist. The phone numbers I had for them reached automated systems for ordering a free credit report, and I couldn’t get through to a customer service rep. Moreover, there are no instructions on their websites on how to file a legal name change. (I wonder what happens when a woman marries and changes her last name.) Very frustrating. Do they actually have real people working there?

But, thanks to my resourcefulness, I got through to their reps. I knew my journalism experience would come in handy beyond my career. The trick is to call the phone numbers for their “dispute” desks. And in one case, I called their “business” customer line and asked to be transferred to the “personal” credit department. Once I got through, they were very nice and helpful. And we’re on our way.


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