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Jan. 17, 2013: Doctor’s Orders

January 18, 2013

We met with a trans woman, a doctor, who was visiting from out of state yesterday. In a few months, she is getting some facial feminization surgery from the same surgeon Mara went to in Scottsdale. She wanted to meet Mara and get the lowdown on the surgeon. (We endorsed him, no problem.) What she wasn’t quite prepared for was me. She is separated from her wife over her transition, and she was pretty impressed about our relationship. I told her how it was for me, and she was very touched. She said she and her wife still spend time together, and I hope her wife sees that she’s the same person she has always been, just a different gender. I know that’s a big leap, but even that isn’t an issue with me, because we have such a strong commitment.

On another note, I came out for Mara and me to another person today: the real estate agent for the house we bought 13 years ago. (We are changing Mara’s name on the title of our house, as well as the name on our other financial assets, from her male name; and I called him to ask what we need to do.) He was very intrigued, and he asked a few questions. He even wants to meet Mara and might come and see her play harmonica at her Feb. 1 gig.

BTW, Feb. 1 is our 16th wedding anniversary, and it will be Mara’s first gig since the surgery — since early December, in fact. So this will be a special one. I asked our friend who is the featured singer/songwriter at the gig (Mara is a member of his band) to play a certain song that night: “When It’s Right, It’s Right.” That says it all.


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