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Jan. 6, 2013: Heeeeeere’s Mara!

January 7, 2013

Several of our friends met post-surgery Mara for the first time this weekend, and some of it was unintentional. It was kind-of fun, actually.

We went to dinner with two trans friends (who didn’t transition and were presenting as male) on Friday night, and we ran into a couple we knew. We figured we might run into them, because the restaurant was one that they frequented. As we were sitting at our table, they walked in. The wife walked right past us, but Mara was able to intercept the husband. She just looked at him and smiled. Not recognizing her, he made a gesture that she can go ahead or him. She just stood there and stared him down, smiling. From our table about 10 feet away, I saw his jaw drop and his eyes pop. Then, Mara caught up with the wife and stared her down until she recognized her. This couple had met Mara (as female) before surgery; but although the surgery was subtle, it was enough that they didn’t recognize her at first.

After dinner, we dropped in at a live music place where singer-songwriters perform and where Mara plays harmonica for one of them on the first Friday of every month. It was first Friday, but Mara can’t play for awhile, in order to let her face heal correctly where her lip was lifted. So she and I walked in for the last half hour of the performance. The featured singer-songwriter was just finishing a song. He looked up, recognized Mara, smiled and just said, “Wow.”

After the performance, he and others whom we had come out to wanted to see Mara up close and talk to her. A couple of people had known her as male but didn’t know about Mara, so this was a guerilla coming out to them. The best moment of the night for me was when the proprietor of the venue told me how much he admired me for supporting Mara so deeply. I really got it, and he got it that I got it.

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