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Dec. 4, 2012

December 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re packing up to move from the extended-stay hotel to the luxury hotel. Thank God! This place is pretty dreary. Mara and I went to dinner and a movie yesterday, and it was a real treat to get out and about. I also went to work out the last two days. The gym we belong to has a few locations out here.

It’s also good to see Mara healing. When she came out of surgery last Tuesday, her head (except for her face) was wrapped in gauze, covered with a gauze hood that was tied off at the top of the head. She looked like a Tele-Tubby. Then, the swelling and bruising began. They took the bandages off on Wednesday, and her cheeks were all puffed out and the area around her eyes black and blue. So she went from looking like a Tele-Tubby to looking like a Cabbage Patch doll who had been in a fight. Since then, the swelling and bruising have gone down quite a bit, and she looks really good. We saw the surgeon yesterday to get her stitches out and stopped at a Starbucks along the way. the place was busy, and no one even batted an eye when they saw Mara, with her stitches and bruises. The surgeon said lots of people come to this area for cosmetic surgery, so people here have seen it all. Best of all, Mara looks like, well, Mara. She doesn’t look like a guy trying to look like a woman. She looks flawlessly like a woman.

I’ve spoken on the phone to several people this week, and they are so supportive. We will take a photo of the two of us tomorrow, after we get gussied up for Christmas dinner, and we’ll email or text it to a few people. My cousin said she’ll print it out and put it in a frame that has the word “peace” on it. How perfect.


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  1. Lorri and Caryn from ES, AR permalink

    How good to hear from you!! I have been wondering if all is /was ok.Please put us on your list for photos. We wish you both lots of love and hope for 2013.

    Caryn and Lorri

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