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Dec. 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

Day 6 in Arizona. Mara’s surgery was three days ago. Yesterday was difficult for both of us, because she couldn’t keep food down. She finally called the doctor’s office and got a prescription for an anti-nausea med. But she also stopped taking the prescription pain meds, which were adding to the nausea, and is now taking an OTC (extra strength) pain reliever.

I’ll be glad to check out of this extended-stay hotel on Monday. It’s OK, but it’s pretty small for a “suite,” and our view is the parking lot. I have a little bit of cabin fever. I was going to work out yesterday (the health club we belong to has a location nearby), but I was afraid to leave. Since Mara’s is better, though, and keeping her food down, I feel I can leave her alone for awhile now.

Mara asked me to write about my own feelings. But I had to work yesterday and today (I brought my laptop); and between that and caring for her, I’ve been too distracted. Tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t have to work, and Mara is getting better. so maybe it will hit me then.

We miss our kitties.

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  1. Lorri and Caryn from ES, AR permalink

    Wow, isn’t it amazing how much comfort you get from pets. Our very oldest cat, Sophie, has upper respiratory problems every year, Steriods,antibiotics, you name it. I drove Sophie to a special cat clinic today that is an hour from where we live. The vet was amazing, Dr. Bonnie spent 45 minutes with me ,giving Sophie the check up of her life!!She has been put on anti-inflammatories and steriods PILLS( Cat lovers know all about the joys of “pilling a cat”)
    But our pets bring us so much love and stress relief, we can’t imagine life without them. I will try and send photos soon.
    Lorri D.

  2. Lorri and Caryn from ES, AR permalink

    Hope Mara is feeling better.It is awful living in extended stay places. Not a great place to heal in. Glad to hear that you are going the ‘luxe’ route over the actual holiday.Both of you have earned atreat,sounds like. C is on call for the next5 days,including today. We have reservations at a remote cabin w/ our dog over the New Years holiday. Can;t wait. Good luck to you, and keep in touch!!

    C and L

    • Will do Lorri! Got your other message too. Hope you and Caryn have a wonderful holiday!

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