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Dec. 10, 2012

December 11, 2012

Mara’s “coming out” to her team (from the project they just completed) is going to happen tomorrow, not Friday. I would love to be there, but it’s really between her and them.

Meanwhile, we bumped into a reporter for a major newspaper in our city this past weekend; and she said she still wants to do a story on Mara. We thought the article was dead in the water, because the reporter had wanted to visit Mara while she was presenting as male on the construction site, and Mara told her that it was not possible because it was a high-profile project, and the client did not know that “he” is transitioning into a “she.” But now, the reporter wants to have lunch with Mara and interview her on Friday — her last day of presenting as male. She wants to meet “him.” Mara still can’t divulge who her employer is, what that high-profile project is, or her former male name. That would be giving it all away before the rest of her office gets the news from the HR department on Jan. 7.

I’m on the fence about whether Mara should let the reporter interview her. But it’s really Mara’s call, and she said she will be careful about what she says — which is kind of difficult for her. She sometimes says things off the cuff that get her into trouble, because she divulges too much information or says something about a sensitive situation that gets a negative reaction.


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