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Nov. 25, 2012

November 25, 2012

Mara spoke with her mom on the phone yesterday. Her mom wanted to ask a few questions, like the definition of transgender as opposed to transsexual. She seems to be eager to learn about what it means for Mara to be transsexual. She was very receptive to Mara’s explanations and descriptions. Mara wants to send her parents some books on the subject. It could also be that her dad wanted to know a few things and asked her mom to have that conversation with her. He does that sometimes: has Mara’s mom talk to her about things he’s uncomfortable talking about. Not just transgender issues, but even topics as simple as a holiday dinner. Anyway, we are happy to answer questions by anyone who wants to know more about transgender issues (as long as they aren’t too personal). The more people know, the better they can understand what it’s all about. And if they still don’t accept it, at least they have made an educated decision instead of making a snap judgement based on myth, prejudice or preconceived notions.


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