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Oct. 17, 2012

October 18, 2012

We came out to a few other people yesterday. (We realized there were others we hadn’t come out to that we want to tell before the transition.) The first was another former college roommate, who is now a lawyer. She has always been outspoken and open to pretty much anything, so we felt she would be accepting. But we weren’t prepared for what happened:

We came out to her via conference call. (We were all at work, in different locations.) After asking, “What are you selling?” (most people assume that’s what we want to talk to them about), Mara told her that she would never guess what we want to tell her, since no one has guessed so far. My friend responded by saying, “You’re getting a sex change.” Wow! The first one to guess right! (Although that surgery is about a year or two away, Mara will be living full-time as a woman by the end of this year.) My friend said she was just joking, but she was on the money.

She was totally accepting. In fact, she told us that one of her two sons, who are now grown, is gay. And she is an outspoken LGBT advocate in her community, which is pretty bold, given that she lives “behind the orange curtain” (Orange County, Calif., which is largely conservative).

I also went to a media dinner last night and told a few colleagues. They were surprised, but as far as I could tell, they were accepting. They all know Mara as a man, and soon they will know her as woman. I showed them photos on my phone, so I hope they get it that this is for real.


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