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Oct. 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

Today is Mara’s birthday. She has a gig tonight (she’s a musician as well as an architect), and I’ll be in the audience with some friends. So the two of us will celebrate tomorrow: pedicures followed by dinner.

I saw a friend/colleague earlier this week. She knows about Mara and has met her. She knows my boss (used to work for him and freelances for the company I work at now); and she told me that my boss knows about Mara. I had wanted to tell him, but he heard it through the grapevine. I telecommute from L.A., and he works from home in the New York area, and from wherever he’s traveling, so we hardly ever see each other in person. I had been trying to reach him via phone, and he’s been so busy that we just haven’t connected yet. (He does answer emails, but I don’t want to tell him that way.) Anyway, it’s moot now, since he found out already. But I do want to talk to him in case he has any questions or concerns.

I got an email this week from his boss, the president of the company. I am going to a conference in Las Vegas this week, and the company president wanted a schedule of the conference because, he said, he might drop by. I didn’t think anything of it at first; he is known in the industry, travels quite a bit, and might be in the area. But now I wonder if my boss told him. I somehow don’t think it really matters to my boss that my spouse is transsexual. But it might matter to the company president. He’s more conservative. I know I shouldn’t project anything, so I’ll wait and see what happens later this week, if he comes to the conference and if he brings it up.


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