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Sept. 29, 2012

September 29, 2012

We have a date for Mara’s surgery: Dec. 18. She’s doing just the facial feminization stuff; then we’ll go to a surgeon in Long Beach (Mara’s best friend’s sister-in-law) about six months later for rejuvenatory work. We were going to do that two weeks before the FFS, but based on Mara’s consultations with the surgeons, it will be better to have a longer length of time between the surgeries to allow for more complete healing.

So in December, we’ll be in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for about a week and a half. That means we’ll be there for Christmas. We’re going to be at an extended-stay hotel with a kitchenette, located near the surgical center, for most of the week after the surgery. Then, we’ll check into the Arizona Biltmore Dec. 24 for two nights. It will be our present to ourselves, since we won’t be with family or friends for the holiday. Actually, it looks like we’ll be with one friend; Mara’s electrologist loves that hotel and said she may join us. That will be really cool for all of us.



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