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August 16, 2012

August 17, 2012

There was an email in our joint email inbox today from Mara’s brother. It was to Mara, but we both read it. He is very religious (recently converted to Catholicism) and is embracing it whole-heartedly. I was raised Catholic. I don’t practice it anymore, and I feel that it’s each person’s choice whether follow a religious faith, and if so, which faith. Mara’s brother found a faith that works for him. I acknowledge that he is a good person who wants what he feels is right for Mara. He feels Mara is making a mistake in transitioning. He believes being transsexual is a choice. (Actually there is a choice here. It’s a choice between living in integrity with who you are and being happy and living out of integrity with who you are and being miserable.) And he questioned whether Mara was sure she wanted to transition. He said he doesn’t believe God wants that for her. My question, then, is: Does God want Mara — or anyone — to live a miserable life? I said I don’t practice Catholicism anymore; I’m not religious in the sense of belonging to a particular organized religion. But I am a spiritual person, and I do believe in a higher power. (You guessed it: I’m in a 12-step program. I just took a 21-year candle in OA.) And I believe that our higher power wants us to be happy.

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